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Burns Federation No  458



Robert Burns Family Tree


Walter Burnes1  married Isobel Craig                         (Gr Gr Gand-parents)

     (C1615 – 1670)


                William*     John     Margaret     Robert     David     Jean


James Burnes*2   married Margaret Falconer           (Gr Grand-parents)

    (C1656 – 1743)                                 (1659 – 1749)


               William4      James    Margaret     George5           Thomas

Robert Burnes3  married Isabella Keith                      (Grand-parents)

             (c1786)                                                  (c1695)

                  James       Robert       Elspit     George     Isobel      Jean7        Mary

William Burnes6 married Agnes Broun                              (Parents)

    (1721 – 1784)                           (1757)      (1732 – 1820)


                 Gilbert     Agnes     Anabella      William      John     Isabella


Robert Burns married Jean Armour

 (1759 – 1796)   (1788)   (1765 – 1834)

                               Robert                                                        Notes:

                               Jean  *                                                        Buried at Glenbervie

                              Un-named twins                             1. Born at Bogjorgan

                               Francis Wallace                                       tenant at Brawlinmuir

                              William Nicol                                 2. Born & Died at Brawliemuier

                              Elizabeth Riddel                           3. Born Brawlinmuir

                                James Glencairn                                      moved to Clochnahill

                              Maxwell Burns                              4. Born  Brawlinmuir and tenant  there


          Elizabeth           by Eliz Paton                          5. Tenant at Elfhill

          Robert               by Jenny Clow                       6. Born at Clochnahill

          Elizabeth           by Anne Park                         7. Recorded as having died at Fetteresso




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