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Burns Federation No  458


Head now towards Arbuthnott. William Burnes, the poet’s great grand uncle, who is buried at Glenbervie, was baptised in the Parish of Arbuthnott on 3rd September 1645, and his great grandmother, Margaret Falconer was born in this parish in 1659.

Grassic Gibbon Centre


When in Arbuthnott, take time to enjoy tea or coffee, and sample the excellent home baking, available at the Grassic Gibbon Centre established to celebrate the life and works of the Mearns literary genius James Leslie Mitchell, -  pseudonym Lewis Grassic Gibbon.  There is also a small Burns exhibit of one photograph and the family tree of the ‘Burneses’.


Opposite the centre, a little road leads down to the  Arbuthnott Kirkyard where the author’s ashes lie and where there is a tombstone erected to his memory. The Church is believed to the oldest in Scotland still in regular use.

Back on the main road,  continue past the school, and turn left again over the hill. This is the area where Leslie Mitchell grew up. He was born in Auchterless  in Aberdeenshire, in 1901, but his parents moved to Bloomfield, here, at the top of the hill. He was a prolific writer mostly about the Mearns, and the folk of the Mearns, sometimes describing them and their failings too honestly for the liking of local people who could frequently identify themselves in his writings. As a result of this he was not always popular when he came back to visit.


Clochnahill Cairn


Return to the A90, and head northwards to the Burns memorial at Clochnahill. This memorial was financed  by a donation from Wm Coull Anderson, a descendant from Florida USA.

It was built  with stones taken from the fields at the adjacent Clochnahill Farm, It is now one of the responsibilities of the Glenbervie Burns Memorials Association.



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