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Burns Federation No  458



Less than a mile further along the road is Brawlinmuir farm. Walter Burnes later moved from Bogjorgan to be tenant here.  From the roadside, one can see a strip of trees in the distance, about 30 Metres beyond  which, is a heap of stones which are the remains of Brawlinmuir.

 Walter Burnes died here in November 1670, and it was the birthplace of  Burns’ great grandfather (James Burnes), and grandfather (Robert Burnes)


Burns’s grandfather later moved - first of all to Upper Kinmonth, and then to Clochnahill in the parish of Dunnottar.  He married Isabella Keith, whose parents had the neighbouring farm of  Upper Criggie. Burns’ father (William) was born at Clochnahill on November 11th 1721. In May 1745 Robert Burnes (poet’s grandfather) took a seven year lease of the small farm of Fallside, in the parish of Kinneff, but financial difficulties forced him to give up farming in September 1747. Unfortunately, like Burns, his grandfather was not a very good farmer, and he went bankrupt.


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On the Brae of Glenbervie, stop at the end of Bogjorgan Road. This is now the site of a new farm, but in the fields in the distance lies a collection of stones and rubble - sadly all that remains of the birthplace of Walter Burnes, the Bard’s gr gr grandfather who married Isobel Greig and produced five sons and  two daughters. Walter Burnes is buried at Glenbervie Kirk yard.



Brawlinmuir (or Brawliemuir)