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Burns Federation No  458

Glenbervie Cemetery

Move on now,  down to Glenbervie cemetery and the gravestones of Burns’s great grandfather, his wife Margaret Falconer, and also of William Burnes of Bogjorgan, and his wife, Christina Fotheringham, the poet’s great grand uncle and aunt.



The two stones, which were originally laid flat on the ground,  were later raised on six pedestals, with a protective concrete slab over the top. That, however, was not a success and the current enclosure incorporating a roof  was built.  


The stones are beginning to deteriorate,  however all the details have been transcribed to another tablet, also made in sandstone, to replicate the original.


A service to rededicate the stones, held on the 9th  September 1951, was attended by four hundred people including visitors from USA, Australia, Canada, India, and New Zealand.  Over the years, so many of the tourists  who come to visit the graves helped themselves to pieces of stone as souvenirs, that the stones had to be protected by  a locked grill at the front.  

Unfortunately, although the gravestones of his great grandparents are preserved, we do not know where Burns’s grandfather and grandmother are buried. It is known that his grandfather died at ‘Denside’, however there are quite a few local ‘Densides’. Burns’s father’s sister, Elspit, however was married to  John  Caird of ‘Denside of Malley’, and, whilst it is impossible to either validate or dispute the facts, the  recollections of a local resident back  in 1906 may offer a clue.

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