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Burns Federation No  458

Unfortunately it closed few years ago and then suffered severe fire damage. Robert Burns spent  one night here in September 1787 in what was called the old armoury, which was unfortunately demolished when the street was widened for modern traffic.


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The Gardenston hotel was located towards the north end of the main thoroughfare in Laurencekirk and dated back to 1638. Originally, and in Burns’s time, it was called the ‘Boar’s Head’ but became the ‘Gardenston Arms’ when purchased by Lord Gardenston. It later reverting to being the ‘Boar’s Head’, and, in recent years, reverting again  to being named the ‘Gardenston’.

A window, which Burns  inscribed with his  diamond ring was recovered and, in the possession  of previous hotel proprietors, found its way to Canada. In 1977 it was presented to Glenbervie Memorials Association by Capt. John B. Adam, and it can now be seen at the Library in Arbroath. The lower photograph illustrates the columned entrance  of what was originally a library, attached to the hotel. It was established by Lord Gardenston in an era when libraries were very rare and availability of books limited. This library later held a ‘Kilmarnock Edition’ of the Bards works


Glenbervie Burns Memorials Association  erected a commemorative plaque at the hotel and assisted in establishing a room for the display of information and photographs about Burns. When the hotel closed, the photographs were rescued, and are currently held by the  Fatherland Burns Club in the hope that an alternative display location can be  found. The Association also hope to arrange that future development of the site will  include an appropriate plaque commemorating Burns visit