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Burns Federation No  458

The Mearns



The entire county of Kincardineshire was once referred to as ‘The Mearns’, but the term more accurately describes the area of rich red soil, and the farming and coastal communities, lying between the North Esk river and the hills of the Mounth –  the Southern Barrier of the Grampian mountains. Burns described the Mearns as ‘a rich and cultivated, but still unenclosed country’.

Stonehaven and Fetteresso Castle

Stonehaven is a convenient place to commence a tour of Burns’s connections with the Mearns, and it is also very appropriate. During his tour of the Highlands in September 1787 Burns visited his relations in Stonehaven  and described his uncle, Robert Burnes, as ‘one of these who loves fun, a gill, a punning joke and have not a bad heart’

Start your tour  in Broomhill Road and continue along to the old village and Kirkyard at Kirktown of Fetteresso. Links to Burns here are tenuous, in that it is one of several possible burial places of the bard’s grandfather, Robert Burnes. The Poet’s aunt Jean is also recorded as having died at Fetteresso.

Burns In the Mearns


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