Burns Supper 2010

2010 guests.jpg

Back Lto R David Brewster (Address to Haggis) Irene Watt & Graham White (Songs of Burns) Rosie Macallan (Committee)
Russell Adams (Committee) Irene Squires (Committee) Pam Mcfadden (Committee) Doug Galloway (Toast to ‘Our Guests’) Iain McFadden (Vice Chairman and Piping of Guests and Haggis) Andy Hall (Chairperson)
Front  Sheena Blackhall (Reply to the Lassies) Sherrif Sandy Jessop (Toast to the Lasses) Angus Middleton (Toast to ‘The Immortal Memeory’ Dave Ramsay(Toast ‘Scotland Yet’

Not pictured - Gwynne Stewart (Recitations)

menu 2010.jpg